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The Abiding Love Model was created to streamline the adoption process and remove the roadblocks we see happen time and time again under the traditional model. With our model you can start working with an Adoption Consultant to create your profile and secure Adoption financing while simultaneously completing your Home Study. This way when your Home Study is complete, you will be “active” with your Adoption Consultant and ready to see potential “cases.”

flexible, control your own adoption journey
The traditional model is very rigid. There are a list of steps and you have to complete them in exactly that order. Not only does it slow the process, but it also removes your control over the process. Every adoption journey is unique, which is exactly why the Abiding Love Model is flexible to accommodate any additional needs that may arise. Our One-on-One Education is tailored to you and what you as the Prospective Adoptive Family feel led to. Whether that be transracial adoption; children exposed to drugs and/or alcohol; special needs adoptions; multiples; sibling groups, etc…. No more spending weekends or evening classes for a set period of time. All education is done one-on-one with your Home Study Caseworker in a private setting.

Under the Abiding Love Model, all of our fees payment schedules are announced up front, allowing you to plan your finances accordingly. In addition, once the Home Study has been completed, we allow you to take it with you. Why? Because you paid for it. You own it! You are not stuck paying Abiding Love a substantial amount of money to “wait on a list.”

traditional agency process


Traditional adoption agencies rely on onboarding prospective adoptive parents in order to meet the overhead of their agency. This means Prospective Adoptive Parents will be required to pay anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000 to simply wait on their “waiting list.” This often leads to long waiting lists that are disproportionate to the number of Expectant Mothers the Agency is actually working with. This is the main income source for traditional adoption agencies to keep their doors open and lights on. Unfortunately, many prospective adoptive parents are left waiting for years while their money is locked in with that agency.

Prospective Adoptive Parents should ask the traditional adoption agency how many families are on the “waiting list” and how many expectant mothers placed with their agency the year before and even the year before that. This will give you an idea as to whether the agency is simply adding more and more prospective adoptive families to meet their financial needs. And if they refuse to let you know that data, then you know you have a red flag.

agency is in control of your adoption journey

Under the traditional model, Prospective Adoptive Parents are usually required to attend group Educational Adoption courses. These courses are usually only given at certain times of the year. Sometimes the Agency requires you to attend a weekend or week-long course, creating added travel and time expenses. The Education received is generic for the group of prospective adoptive parents within the class and not tailored to you and your family. Many times, prospective adoptive parents are intimated to ask real questions they might have about adoption and/or open adoption because of fear of what others within the group might think or say.


The traditional model can get expensive very quickly. Some agencies require their fees to be paid front. This may leave you “stuck” with them even if you determine that they are a bad fit. Because of the long wait additional fees are often later required. Many times the traditional adoption agency has a waiting list that is over a year old. This means you will have to pay more money to have your home study updated in order to stay current. Another pitfall is that if you complete the home study process and decide to work with a different adoption agency, you’ll have to start the whole process all over again, as most traditional adoption agencies only allow for their home study to be used “in-house.”

What is the Traditional Agency Model?

The Traditional Adoption Agency model is where a Prospective Adoptive Parent contacts an Adoption Agency to adopt a child. That agency completes the Prospective Adoptive Parent’s Home Study and helps them create a Profile Book. The couple then sits on a “waiting list” until they are either next on the list for placement or chosen by an Expectant Mother. In this same model, the Expectant Mother contacts an agency to make an adoption plan. The Agency then shows her profiles of families waiting to adopt within their agency and she is left to choose one of those families.

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