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Abiding Love Adoptions is an Adoption Home Study Provider licensed in the States of Georgia and Florida. We are passionate about providing timely and efficient Home Studies that allow for Prospective Adoptive Parents to have one-on-one education tailored to each family’s needs.

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We have a team of dedicated social workers providing adoption home study services throughout the States of Georgia and Florida.

Abiding Love uses an Online Cloud-based Case Management system which simplifies and shortens the Home Study Timeline. The Home Study Process is hard enough without having to send documents via mail and have them lost or your social worker not knowing if you sent documents in. Through our online system, Prospective Adoptive Parents can upload documents and complete paperwork through their computer.

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Home studies are required for every third-party adoption, whether it is international or domestic, private or foster care, infant or older child. This study is a basic overview of your life – including criminal background checks, your finances, and even your personal relationships. It is used by the courts and Interstate Compact on the Placement (ICPC) to assess if a stable environment exists for a child and establish if they are eligible to receive an adoption placement.

Home studies for adoption are often one of the lengthiest steps of the entire process. This is because it requires collecting important documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, which can take time for some families to locate or receive copies from the appropriate state agency. Families are encouraged to begin the home study process as soon as possible, as this important step is required by Adoption Professionals before they will begin the process of connecting a family with an Expectant Mother or child. Our goal is to simplify the home study process and help you know what to expect.


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Are you pregnant and considering adoption for your unborn baby?

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"A Healthy Open Adoption begins at the Home Study. While many see the Home Study Process as simply a series of checklists and interviews, Abiding Love does not.  Instead, we passionately believe that one-on-one education regarding the complicated facets of Adoption is the starting point for the needed heart-shift from an adoptive parent-centered perspective to a triad-centered perspective.  The education and counseling completed during the Home Study Process is vital to not only the success of an Open Adoption, but to a Healthy Adoptee, Birth Mother, and Adoptive Parent."

- Carrie Murray-Nellis